Nice Boulez site

The London Sinfonietta has a website about Pierre Boulez. It, or at least some parts of it, must be rather old: Boulez’s 75th birthday was in 2000.

(Boulez, for non-musical readers, is pretty much the leading figure — or at any rate the leading European figure — in the art music of our era [i.e. post-WWII]. For mathematical non-musical readers, an approximately equivalent person would be Jean-Pierre Serre.)

The interesting part of the site is, of course, the series of pages devoted to Boulez’s 1984 work Dérive I, which is described as:

an elegant, shimmering and vibrating eight minute work which explores harmony and texture from a chordal starting point using material which “derives” from three earlier pieces, Répons (1980), Messagesquisse (1976) and Éclat (1965).

(Obviously, “harmony” here is to be understood in the sense of vertical pitch collections — nothing to do with harmonic theory! I would probably have used the word “sonority” here instead.)

It seems the excerpts included comprise virtually the entire piece, so go have a listen. The commentary hardly constitutes a detailed analysis, but overall the quality is pretty good for something on the Internet.

(Via Complement.Inversion.Etc.)

2 Responses to Nice Boulez site

  1. Ed Lawes says:

    Hi, thanks for the via link back to my blog etc, unfortunately the intermedia site is down at the moment for some reason (I had a couple of things on my blog linking to it, including a Takemitsu analysis site).

    Hopefully it’s just a temporary situation, i’ll keep my eye on it and will email them if it doesn’t get fixed and see what’s up.



  2. Great thanks for sharing.

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