Migration successful

I created this blog basically on a whim, and didn’t give much thought to the choice of platform. Since I already happened to have a Blogger account (used in the past for commenting), all I had to do was click the “Create Blog” button, and thus Mathemusicality was launched.

Only afterward did I notice that just about every mathrelated blog in the universe uses WordPress rather than Blogger (or any other software/ hosting service, for that matter). Is there a reason for this? Yes, there is:

i\hbar\frac{\partial}{\partial t}\left|\Psi(t)\right>=H\left|\Psi(t)\right>

No, it doesn’t follow from the Schroedinger equation; the point is that WordPress has built-in LaTeX support. And Blogger apparently doesn’t. Upon discovering this, my reaction was more or less the homersimpsonian “D’oh!”. Luckily, switching proved easy–all the more so since this blog is less than a month old.

The one thing that is still needed is a corresponding LilyPond tool: displaying music notation (which I would very much like to be able to do here) should require no more than typing “$lilypond […]”. Blogger: if you want me back, I just gave you a way to make it happen.  


6 Responses to Migration successful

  1. To be honest, I’d tried blogging one of my classes last fall on Blogger. Google does a lot of things well, but Blogger is not one of them. WordPress has a much nicer interface, goes down far less, and just feels better overall. The TeX thing actually came on the scene slightly after I’d started my own weblog, and made for a nice bonus.

    That said, welcome.

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  3. komponisto says:

    John A.:

    Thanks for the comment! I agree that WordPress feels better overall. One thing, however, that I haven’t yet figured out about WordPress is how to configure the comments so I don’t have to moderate them, while still keeping out spam. Lots of other weblogs are able to do this, so it shouldn’t be too hard…

  4. beans says:

    Meh- I’m with Blogger all the way (although WordPress does have some good features)! Don’t ever quote me on this :p

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